Restoration Fund

Restoration Levy

The Board of Trustees purchased the freehold of the Kenton Theatre in 2010 to take control of our destiny but the building is over 200 years old and demands constant attention. We have already carried out essential restoration works in addition to the expensive and ongoing maintenance. A survey shows that there is a need for extensive further restoration to preserve and develop the building. A programme for this work has been devised but to complete it in a reasonable time frame would be unaffordable from current income.

Having spent £100,000 on restoration and routine maintenance since 2010, the Kenton needs at least £15,000 per annum over the next few years. This work would include such projects as updating heating, electrical, water and staging services and a number of structural remedies.

To enable this to be done, we are introducing a Restoration Levy that has proved successful with many other Theatres. This will take the form of an extra £1 charge on the price of every ticket which will be paid into a ring-fenced Fund to meet the requirements outlined above. How much is in the fund and how it is being spent will be published regularly.

We believe that this scheme is the very best way to secure the funding for the successful future of our wonderful theatre and will continue to guarantee an enjoyable experience for our valued patrons.

With our grateful thanks,

The Kenton Theatre Board of Trustees