Kenton Ambassadors



MARCH 2014

Full training will be given

Distributor - Central Henley

Your role will be to take and display flyers and posters (for specific shows) to participating outlets in central Henley. This needs to be done monthly, or possibly fortnightly. There is plenty of scope to develop and build upon the current list of outlets if you would like to.

Press Officers - Berkshire / Buckinghamshire / Oxfordshire (except Henley Standard)

To begin with, you will make contact with relevant journalists and editors in the newspapers and magazines in your allocated area. The theatre already has many contacts, and you will be given plenty of guidance before you start. Once these relationships are established, you will email out (a) listings information, (b) press releases and (c) other articles (such as interviews with performers), within an agreed schedule. It is not necessary to write any of the copy (although you can do some of this too if you want to - see below)!

Writers and Journalists

We need a steady flow of articles about upcoming shows, to send to local newspapers and magazines. Most articles are short press releases written in a 'news' style; some are longer articles about performers, based on telephone interviews and/or your own research. You can write as much or as little as you have time for - one article a month, one a week or anything in between.

Community Ambassadors

Every time a new brochure comes out, you will go and see (or contact by phone or email) local organisations (such as schools, businesses or social groups) who enjoy occasional group visits to the theatre. You will help them decide if any of the shows in the programme are suitable, and liaise with the Box Office about reserving seats in bulk and confirming the booking. This is a 'soft' sales role, and helps the theatre by building friendly relationships out in the community. You can look after one or several organisations, depending on how much time you have.

Photo Editor (Photoshop)

The theatre receives publicity photos from the various shows that are booked to come and perform, but they are not always the right size and shape. Your job is to crop and resize the images to make them more useable - for example, the images that go in our monthly 'What's On' email all need to be the same size and shape, and we would like our website images to be a standard size and shape too. You will need to have access to the internet and Photoshop software, although you will only be doing basic cropping and resizing and not colouring / manipulating the images in any other way. There will probably be about 25-30 images to crop and resize each season (3 times per year).


If you would like to discuss volunteering for any of these vacancies, please contact Alison Stodolnic on  

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