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The Kenton Theatre Board of Trustees are delighted to announce the freehold of The Kenton Theatre was purchased Friday 20th August, securing the Kenton as a Theatre in perpetuity. The Trustees are grateful to everyone who has contributed towards the project and especially grateful to a local business who have loaned The Theatre the shortfall in fundraising.

Kenton Theatre
The Kenton for Keeps Campaign has been supported with some welcome generosity following a Celebrity Luncheon, With A Song In My Heart with Vince Hill, Fashion Show, Kenton Strictly Dance-athon, An Evening with Pam Ayres, a Barbecue, an Open Garden Day, Joe Brown, Rodney Bewes in Three Men in a Boat and many local private events.

Fifteen Kenton Life Keepers joined trustees and guests to celebrate this historical moment with a luncheon on Temple Island where entertainment and fun flowed, with funds being raised to repay the loan.

The Kenton Keepers Club, set up specifically to raise funds to purchase the freehold , will remain open for a further year to raise the balance to repay the loan.

If you would like to become a Kenton Keeper, or find out more please click below: -

Kenton Keepers Club

Restoration Levy

The Board of Trustees purchased the freehold of the Kenton Theatre in 2010 as a strategic move to take control of the Theatre's destiny. The building is over 200 years old and demands constant attention. We have already made a number of essential restoration works in addition to the expensive and regular on going maintenance needs. A detailed survey suggests there is a need for further extensive restoration to preserve and develop the structure, building fabric and services.

Having spent £100,000 on such items since 2010, we foresee a need for at least £15,000 per annum over the next few years. This would include the financing of projects such as a complete updating of heating, electrical, water and staging services and a number of structural remedies. To enable this to be done, we are introducing a Restoration Levy in common with many other Theatres. This will take the form of an extra £1 charge included in the price of every ticket which will be paid into a ring-fenced Fund to meet the requirements outlined above. Statements for the Fund and it’s application will be published regularly.

We believe this scheme is the very best way to secure the funding for the successful future operation of our wonderful Theatre and one which will continue to guarantee a specially enjoyable experience for our valued patrons while attracting their support.

Fundraising Events

KENTON SUPPORTERS - There are always opportunities to support the everyday running of The Kenton and there are many ways in which you can help, whether as a volunteer or by making a financial donation. All contributions whether financial or giving up your time are very welcome. 


The most important asset The Kenton has are the Volunteers, of which there are many. With an increasing programme, we have greater demand for volunteers and there are many exciting opportunities you can join in with. Find out more

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The Kenton Friends provide vital donations towards the running of the 4th oldest working Theatre in the country. Find out more

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Have you always had a passion for the Kenton Theatre, or want to make sure the 4th oldest working theatre in the country continues to thrive, or you want to support a charity, then please remember us in your will. 

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