Pinocchio Ballet is set to a stunning classical score and this original production will delight ballet audiences, and families alike, promising to carve a new love for Pinocchio through the magic of classical dance. 

Other highlights of the season include Hands of Fire with Claire Jones and Chris Marshall, James Freedman: Man of Steal  persuader, showman and thief, the Kast Off Kinks are former members of the legendary band 'The Kinks', back together to re-live the good times and Marti Webb is here in concert. 

The King is Dead: Royal Death and Succession Under the Tudors lecture will now be given by David Starkey on Sunday 29 May. Celebrating Shakespeare Benet Brandreth will give a lecture on Shakespeare and his Women.  

So gather family and friends and enjoy some great nights out at the Kenton where we look forward to seeing you at our intimate theatre where you will receive a very warm welcome.